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Janubasti(Ayurveda knee care therapy)---- It gives a magical relief from the pain & stiffness associated with knee pain. Medicated oils are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in a compartment constructed around the knee joint . Indications--- 1.Knee pain 2. Osteoarthritis of knee joint. 3.Knee injuries(e.g.-ACL injury) 4. Torn meniscus 5. knee bursitis 6. Patients suggested for total knee replacement(TKR)
Vd. ARUN M.D Gold Medalist & Vd. dnyanda(Ayurvedacharya) BHUJBAL Ayurved Panchakarma Clinic aims to bring authentic. Ayurved to every home, Founded by Dr. Arun Bhujbal in 2006, it provides treatment & health care facilities that enables individual to lead healthy and prosperous lives with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurveda upchar kendra located in Heart of Nashik(Nimani).
Netrabasti/Netratarpan (Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy)--- This treatment maintains the health of eyes.Medicated oil or ghee is filled in the floor compartment constructed around the eyes and left in place for a fixed duration of time. This procedure nourishes and gives strength to the eyes, it cures the eye diseases . Indications --- 1.Retinopathy 2.Computer vision syndrome 3. Feeling of darkness in front of eyes 4.Eye stiffness 5.Dryness of eyes 6.Injury to the eye 7.Abnormal deviation of eyeball 8.Difficulty to open or close eyes 9.Glaucoma 10.Conjunctivitis 11.Keratitis --inflammation of cornea 12.Redness of eyes, tearing , pain irritation and dirt ... etc.
Swedan (medicated Sweating)------ Swedana refers to sweating therapy. Usually this procedure is done after doing Snehana..It is also done mostly pre- operative procedure of panchakarma therapy. Benefits__ 1-Releases toxins and cleans the skin. 2-Softens , soothes, brightens and moisturises the skin. 3-Increases circulation and improves complexion. 4- Soothens painful, stiff, aching muscles and joints. 5-Looses the weight. 6-Reduces laziness and fatigue. 7-Reduces stress and improves sleep pattern. 8 -Very useful in arthritis, paralysis, motor neuron diseases, muscular dystrophy etc.. For fitness regularly to be done.....
Shirodhara(शिरोधारा)--- It is a form of ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead . Benefits--- 1.Hair disorders. 2. Stress . 3 Insomnia (sleeplessness). 4.Headache /Migraine. 5.Menopausal disorders. 6.Paralysis . 7.Neurological disorders . 8.During ANC/ pregnancy. 9.Psychological problems . 10.Low immunity. 11. Eyes problems . 12. Ent problems. 13.Degenerative diseases. 14.Vat disorders . 15.For fitness . 16.Smrti nasha-Alzheimers disease . 17.Diabetic neuropathy. 18.Depression.