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SNEHAN-Ayurvedic Special Massage

SNEHAN - Ayurvedic Special Massage

Snehan is not just a massage, it is totally relaxatation, Marma pidana thetapy, by using ayuevedic oils according to the constituent of body.(prakruti) It preserve body energy& maintain blood circulation. Snehan is the very important palliative& pre-operative procedure of panchkarma therapy. The skin provides the ability to heal through touch. Benefits(Uses)---- 1.Strengthens the body's tolerance. 2.Nourishes the body. 3.Helps to reduce the effects of aging. 4.Maintains Fitness. 5.Increases Longevity. 6.Promotes good vision 6.Supports regular sleep patterns. 7.Benefits the skin. 8.Stimulates the internal organs of the body.

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