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RAKTAMOKSHANA(Medicated Blood Letting)

RAKTAMOKSHANA(Medicated Blood Letting)

Raktamokshana theory is the blood cleansing & purification therapy.It is prime process of blood detoxificatin.The blood is expelled out from the body to reduce toxins which are blood born. Jalaukavacharan-- It is the ideal method to expel out the vitiated blood safely, quickly & effectively by using Jalauka(Leeches). Benefits of Raktamokshana -- 1.Recurrent Stomatitis. 2.Conjunctivitis. 3.Bad breath. 4.Skin disorders. 5.Gout. 6.Pimples. 7.Burning of limbs. 8.Headache. 9.Bad taste in mouth. 10.Spleen disorders. 11.Leukoderma. 12.Itching. 13.Liver disorders.

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