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Netrabasti/Netratarpan (Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy)--- This treatment maintains the health of eyes.Medicated oil or ghee is filled in the floor compartment constructed around the eyes and left in place for a fixed duration of time. This procedure nourishes and gives strength to the eyes, it cures the eye diseases . Indications --- 1.Retinopathy 2.Computer vision syndrome 3. Feeling of darkness in front of eyes 4.Eye stiffness 5.Dryness of eyes 6.Injury to the eye 7.Abnormal deviation of eyeball 8.Difficulty to open or close eyes 9.Glaucoma 10.Conjunctivitis 11.Keratitis --inflammation of cornea 12.Redness of eyes, tearing , pain irritation and dirt ... etc.
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